A fellowship of brand strategists


Akin to the guilds of medieval times, The Strategy Guild is a collective of brand strategists 

who have banded together to provide their years of expertise to those in need. 


We are a fellowship of tenured brand, marketing and consumer-behavior experts.


We have guided companies large & small through gritty brand challenges.


We move fast because we know where and how to dig.

We are fearless and bold. And we embrace our gray.




Brand Strategy

A brand is an articulation of what your business stands for and how it behaves. We define your mission, vision, purpose, positioning, tenets and voice. We help you make the tough choices - because successful business are laser-focused. And we ensure the brand is infused in and delivered across your entire business.


A brand creates customer advocates.

82% of prospective customers seek advice of a peer before making a purchase decision.

A brand makes for satisfied customers.

A satisfied customer contributes 2.6x more revenue than a somewhat satisfied customer.

A brand builds customer loyalty.

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 95%.

Eric Bruno

Founding Member

With more than 20 years of strategic planning and consumer insight experience he’s worked deep inside many fascinating and incredible brands. From Starbucks to the International Rescue Committee, and ESPN to Home Depot, Eric has led research, brand architecture and product innovation projects across a wide and interesting range of categories.


From niche pharmaceuticals to global automotive Eric’s learned that

every single project has a white-hot spot of inspiration within it…

he’ll tell you many stories about how difficult finding that

inspiration-bullseye can be sometimes.

For his own inspiration, Eric spends a disproportionate amount of time running the trails and riding the canyons in and around Boulder, CO… and he still has not run into a bear or mountain lion… not yet anyway.

Danielle Fuller

Founding Member

Danielle thrives on helping clients with their branding & marketing challenges from start (strategic foundation setting) to finish (campaigns in market). She particularly likes getting  stuck-in with clients in complex categories as she finds odd joy in making the complicated simple.


She’s developed brand strategies and integrated marketing campaign for international Blue Chip, smaller domestic and not-for- profit clients. She has led global teams in developing award-winning work across a range clients such as IBM, Lenovo, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco and

Deloitte Consulting.​ To name a few.

In her downtime (whenever she can snag some), Danielle finds headspace doing yard work, enjoying the great outdoors and on her yoga mat. But most of the time outside of work, she's a proud, run-around mom.

Throughout our careers, we have had the priviledge of working with a variety of clients. Some global and established, some small and local, some new and burgeoning. All incredibly interesting. Here are just a few.
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